Cutis Pura / Detoxifying Treatment

Prepare the scalp, eliminates anything that can hinder the active ingredients of the treatment. Cutis Pura is a detoxifying treatment for which the energy of e Japanese star anise and oxygen deer woes power of the red algae used to cleanse the scalp and remove the accumulated flakes and excess oil, so the skin can breathe again.

Main component of Cutis Pura

  • Japanese star anise (Illicium Vermun) exfoliating, cleansing, healing, sebum regulating. A bush with Orgine in her Far East. He owes his name to the star shape of the fruit. The 8 points open to let a seed loose when they are reijp.
  • Red algae (Asparagopis armata) Zuurstogregulerend, equilibrating, beschermed. The algae grow approximately 50cm below the surface of the Atlantic, his pink filaments and spiky brackets to which it owes its name armata (armed).
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