Beauty Pillow is the specialist in satin pillowcases! Our pillowcases are a blessing for skin and hair. In March 2013, the introduction took place at the Beauty Trade Fair in Utrecht under the motto "Beauty Pillow, because you deserve this luxury!". It was immediately picked up by the trade press and many lifestyle programs on TV. And so the ball started to roll quickly. The Beauty Pillow is now an integral part of the beauty world.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Due to the bustle of the day and the increase in stress, we increasingly realize that a good night's sleep is of great importance to be able to cope with the hectic pace of a new day. Sleeping on the soft satin of Beauty Pillow gives a feeling of luxury and indulgence while at the same time caring for your skin and hair. It regulates sebum production and retains moisture for skin and hair. In addition, it has a polishing effect. The result is a radiant wake up and start the new day with a fresh face free from folds of sleep and without a messy morning haircut. That means no rushing through long morning rituals and therefore more time for things that are really important to you. Who wouldn't want that? Sleep well with Beauty Pillow!

We think it is very important that the quality of Beauty Pillow is consistent. That is why Beauty Pillow is produced by Dutch workshops; real Dutch Design.

Beauty Pillow is a brand of The Beauty Lab BV.

Satin pillowcases

Soft satin pillowcases give a feeling of luxury and indulgence

Our motto is: “Because you deserve the luxury of a satin pillowcase!”. Beauty Pillow has been the specialist in satin pillowcases for years. We stand for quality & service, but also for Dutch Design. Our pillowcases are produced in Dutch workshops.


By sleeping on a Beauty Pillow you benefit from many advantages:

  • Provides smooth skin
  • Prevents sleeping folds
  • Refines wrinkles
  • Fights impurities
  • Calms fiery skin
  • The hair stays in better shape
  • Prevents split ends
  • No more tangles and fluff
  • Reduces oily hair
  • More intensive action of skin and hair products
  • Preservation of hair and eyelash extensions
  • Better result of PMU treatments
  • Has a cooling effect
  • Is anti-allergenic to dust mites
  • In short, a must-have for skin and hair!

Difference between satin and silk

Satin from Beauty Pillow

The satin we have selected for our pillowcases is of a heavy quality and has no washable coating. Stains are easy to remove and the Beauty Pillow can be washed at 40 ° C without any problems. The white Beauty Pillow, which we particularly recommend for problem skin, can even be washed at 60 ° C. After washing, the Beauty Pillow can be tumble dried and comes out shrink-free. However, we recommend hanging the Beauty Pillow out so that it lasts even longer.

The fine structure of the densely woven satin ensures that the moisture is retained for skin and hair, and is not absorbed as with cotton, so you do not have such a tightness in the face the next morning. The sebum production is also regulated and the satin has a polishing effect so that the skin is not roughened and the hair can slide. Smooth skin and shiny hair is the result, without tangles and frizz. It is also pleasant that care products are not absorbed by the satin and can do their work for skin and hair. Finally, a beautifully blow-dried hairstyle stays in shape longer, hairpieces and extensions stay in place better, the hair is less likely to get greasy, sleep folds in the face do not stand a chance, fading wrinkles, reducing pimples and impurities and a fiery red skin is given the opportunity to calm down.

Beauty Pillow is for everyone

Many people think that satin causes perspiration, but nothing could be further from the truth. It just sleeps wonderfully cool. Women who suffer from nighttime hot flashes and men who sweat excessively benefit greatly from using the Beauty Pillow. Children who are allergic to dust mites and pollen also benefit from the Beauty Pillow. Our satin has proven to be an anti-allergen. Due to the fine fabric, dust mites and pollen have no chance to settle, unlike cotton, for example.

Different types of satin

Satin is the name of the fabric binding. It is a tightly woven fabric with a smooth, shiny top. Satin can be made of cotton, polyester, viscose, silk or a mixture thereof. The heavy quality satin of Beauty Pillow is of a completely different quality than, for example, cotton satin, which is often used for bed linen. The cotton has an absorbent effect and the satin provides the shine. There are also satin pillowcases in circulation on which a coating has been applied. However, this coating is washable and the fabric that remains after the washes no longer has the properties that are characteristic of the beauty pillow satin.

Difference between silk and satin

Beauty Pillow is made of a heavy quality polyester satin. Another option could be silk. In essence, both have the same effect on skin and hair. Thus, they both provide radiant skin and shiny hair. However, the natural silk product is not exactly animal-friendly. It turns out that the silkworm is killed after spinning its cocoon to prevent the budding butterfly from damaging the cocoon and breaking the thread. The fact is that silk is very expensive to purchase and is also very sensitive to wear. Seams are notched and friction of the head on the pillowcase creates thin spots in the silk fabric over time. Stains are difficult to remove and separate detergent is required for cleaning. That is why we have chosen Beauty Pillow for our heavy quality polyester satin and not for silk. Our wish is that everyone has the opportunity to "sleep well" affordably and without hassle. Beauty Pillow gives that extra touch to every bedroom.

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