Pro Thermal Original

Heat-resistant Aluminum

There are several factors that are important to make drying with the hairdryer faster. Choosing the right materials is particularly important and Olivia Garden does it extremely carefully. Our aluminum cylinder perfectly preserves the heat that is spread on the hair during drying. The drying will therefore be faster and softer.

Unique patented handle shape

Olivia Garden brushes are made for comfort and easy use. We also pay attention to details that may seem insignificant. That's why the hair is made for easy disentanglement and the body and handle of the brush are perfectly homogeneous so that the hair does not get stuck during styling.

Antistatic hair

The eternal problem of hair care is the static electricity. Because it is caused by friction, its effects take place during the styling of the hair. The antistatic hair, which Olivia Garden uses for her brushes, effectively prevents the static electrical charge of the hair which gives a smooth and shiny result.

Optimized airflow

Drying the hair should be ideal quickly and lead to a perfect result without overheating or drying out. The large air holes of the cylinder of Olivia Garden brushes ensure better air flow. As a result: a faster and more efficient styling.

Ergonomic handle

The handle of a brush is very important for a good grip and safe use. It should be well in the hand and should not slip during styling. For maximum comfort, all Olivia Garden brushes have an ergonomic anti-slip handle.

Retractable distribution point

For many drying and styling techniques it is important to divide the hair into sections. The dividing point at the end of the handle is perfect for it and it is easier to create precise styling.


The weight of the material is very important when you have to choose the right styling product. A heavy brush can quickly overload the wrist, arm and shoulder, especially during artificial styling. The lighter the brush, the more comfortable and easier the handle. The extremely light brushes from Olivia Garden and their ergonomics are ideal for relaxing styling.



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