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Isza Beau Haarvitamines (60 pieces)


Isza Beau Haarvitamines are wonderfully soft gummy candies in the form of nice pineapples! These tasty vitamins ensure that your hair grows faster, but also make it healthier and more beautiful. With prolonged use of the vitamins, the hair will shine and the breakage will stop. The sweets taste like yogurt sweets, so it is certainly not annoying to follow this course. Pamper yourself with 2 vitamins per day and you will experience a difference in hair after a few weeks! Your nails will also get a boost in the growth process and your skin will get more shine and purer, isn't that nice? Because of the delicious pineapple flavor you will not soon forget your daily dose. For optimal results it is recommended to take the vitamins at least 3 months twice a day. Isza Beau Haarvitamines are 100% vegan and free from allergens. There are 60 vitamins in the jar, so this is enough for 1 month of use. Are you looking for a boost for your hair, both in the growth process and in health? We definitely recommend giving these pineapples the chance! Enjoy guaranteed success!

What are the most important characteristics of Isza Beau Haarvitamines?

What exactly is great about the Isza Beau Haarvitamines? That is below!

  • Accelerates the growth process of both hair and nails.
  • Makes hair healthier, more beautiful and stronger.
  • Enjoy a beautiful, healthy shine in the hair after prolonged use.
  • Makes the nails stronger.
  • 100 & vegan and cruelty free.
  • Tasty pineapple taste.
  • Makes the skin purer and gives it a healthy shine.

So there are enough benefits that make Isza Beau Haarvitamines worth a try!

How do I use Isza Beau Haarvitamines?

To ensure that the vitamins will do their best, it is necessary to take 2 vitamins per day. This is certainly not an unpleasant situation due to the delicious yoghurt taste! Repeat this for 30 days. You will find 60 tablets in the jar, so this is enough to last a month. Repeat this process for 3 months to get the best out of the product. You will of course experience a difference earlier. This will already be after 3 weeks of regular use!

Are Isza Beau Hair Vitamins suitable for me?

Are you looking for healthy long locks? Often it is quite a task to grow the hair. We usually find it takes too long and once we get there, we suddenly feel the need to cut the hair again. Recognizable? You're not the only one. ;) With these vitamins, this process certainly does not take too long. The hair grows considerably faster, so you can enjoy long locks faster without a long process.

Isza Beau Haarvitamines is suitable for anyone looking for a healthy, full bunch of hair! No requirements and no exceptions, just as much opportunity and success for everyone! Turn your lifeless hair into hair with more volume and shine!

Are Isza Beau Hair Vitamins 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Vegan hair products have been popular among our customers for a long time. People are becoming increasingly aware of the suffering that animals are doing when testing products. We therefore prefer to see brands stop this. Fortunately, more and more brands are aware of this and are finding other test methods for their products. Fortunately Isza Beau thinks exactly the same about this! They have succeeded in producing these vitamins without harming animals. So we can proudly say that Isza Beau Haarvitamines are completely Vegan and Cruelty Free! An absolute must-have!

Do Isza Beau Hair Vitamins cause my hair to grow faster?

Basically it is. However, it is different per person when the results can be seen. All ingredients that have been used are proven ingredients that promote hair growth. Because it is about hair growth, in most cases it will take a few weeks before you will see visible results. In addition to visible difference in the length of the hair, your nails will also grow a lot faster and become stronger. But then we were not there yet, because your skin is going to show a difference. It becomes purer and gets a healthy shine. what more do we want?

What ingredients are all in Isza Beau Haarvitamines?

Before you start taking a hair vitamin, it is important that you are aware of the ingredients it contains. Active vitamins and minerals contained in it are: Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Flic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc and Selenium.

Do you also get side effects from Isza Beau Haarvitamines?

It is also very wise to be aware of any side effects. Better safe than sorry! As far as is known, there are no nasty side effects when taking Isza Beau Hair Vitamins.

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