Hair dryers

You have many different hairdryers on the market but where do you have to pay a little attention to buy one. puts it in front of you in a row.

The different versions of hairdryers have to do with the number of (heat) modes, number of speeds, power and supplied accessories.


The higher the power in (WATT) the more powerful the hair dryer, if you want to be done quickly with your hair too drier than you better take one with a high wattage.

This also applies to the heat of the airflow blown out of the blower. Dryers with a high wattage often also provide the option to dry your hair with very warm settings.

Air positions

That is why it is wise to choose a hairdryer that can be placed in different positions in terms of heat, the higher the position your hair can dry out more than at a lower setting.

If you have thick and full hair, you can blow dry at a higher level. Do you naturally have thinning hair, then it is wise not to work too hot. Your hair damaged then faster.

Many hair dryers are equipped with a cold air position also called cold shot. At this position the blower blows but does not emit warm air. If you have dried a bait and you are the last with the cold air you will notice that the curl that you have blown into your hair will stay better and less likely to settle down.

Ionic function

The better hairdryers have an ion function. This does not make your hair static and it is easier to model. Your hair will also feel softer and shine beautifully. Finally, the ionic function restores the natural moisture balance of your hair.

Keep in mind that your brush also has Ion function otherwise this makes little sense, you will find ion brushes on the next page .

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