This American Crew Acumen is a care and styling series for demanding men. It is a premium concept from the famous brand American Crew. This starts with shaving, including the subsequent facial care and styling. Inspired by the barber shop, there are mainly pomade to shape the hair. The stylist David Raccuglia had the idea for his company as early as the mid-1990s. He had the vision that men would also like extensive care and would also like to experience the quality of the salon at home. The brand has been on the market for more than 20 years. Classic products are combined with new formulas and textures. The AC complex Acumen is a patented active complex. It contains various vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, there are cranberry extracts. They help protect it. The cocktail of various nutrients is precisely tailored to the needs of men and their hair or scalp. The Classic Pomade is suitable for the classic look of combed back hair. At the same time, it can contribute to more control, gloss and texture. The Nourishing Cream Pomade has a creamy texture and is not only stylish, but also nourishes. It creates a natural look with a light grip. A discreet shine ensures that the hair looks healthy without weighing it down. The counterpart is the Firm Hold Grooming Cream. It has a particularly strong grip, but very little shine. It is also enriched with the vitamin mix and nourishes the hair fibers. In this way, many different hairstyles are possible, from casual to precisely styled. The pomades can also be used depending on the occasion or mood of the day. They can be used for shorter or slightly longer hair. They are processed and distributed on dry hair. It is best to start with a small amount, which can be intensified as needed. Even after exercise, the handy styling products help to get the hair in shape quickly.


Classic barber design - the American Crew Acumen packaging

The American Crew Acumen series convinces with its stylish design. Dark colors have been chosen that match the masculine theme. The packaging is made of dark brown material. Depending on the product, they are matte and therefore have an optimal grip. The lids and labels are black. The silver letters and of course the logo of the brand are on it. A typical font, as it is known from the classic typewriters, was partially chosen. The overall image has a light retro style and is reminiscent of the typical barber shops. Each product is optimally packaged, whether in pots, bottles or tubes, and Acumen includes not only hair care, but also skin care and shaving products. They are all packaged in such a way that they can be used effortlessly in daily life. If desired, they can even be taken on trips or to the gym. They are easy to open with wet hands. In fact, the pomades are packed in glass jars. The Grooming Cream has a very flat tube and can therefore be removed in moderation.

For the perfect hairstyle - The American Crew Acumen series for men

The American Crew Acumen series offers styling products especially for men. The traditional barber shop is reinterpreted in a modern way. The AC active Acumen complex has been developed for this purpose. It is patented and can therefore only be found in first-class care. It combines selected vitamins and nutrients, as well as cranberry extracts. They all help to strengthen and strengthen the hair. They give a healthy shine. In addition, there are different textures for a natural to intensive shine or a light to very strong fixation. In this way the hair can be styled back or mistakenly mistaken. The pomade is a classic in men's care. The American Crew Acumen Classic Pomade is the perfect accessory for the modern gentleman. The smooth supine position with background gelatinized hair can be easily achieved. This gives the hair a plus in vitamins. If you still have drier or damaged hair, you can opt for the American Crew Acumen Nourishing Cream Pomade. It looks more natural and has a delicate cream texture. This can easily be incorporated into the hair. This makes it perfect for casual hairstyles. The American Crew Acumen Firm Hold Grooming Cream provides a strong fixation. It still has a very subtle shine compared to the pomade. Unlike a gel, it has a nourishing cream texture and yet offers a long, reliable fixation. Acumen stands for more than just hair styling. It is a premium series for modern men. From shaving to the subsequent care and styling of the hair, all products are ideal for daily use. In fact, the concept has already received various awards from trade journals. For more than two decades, American Crew has stood for high-quality products for men. The source of inspiration is not only the traditional barber shop, but also the modern lifestyle. New textures, easy operation and an added value of caring ingredients characterize the line. Today's gentleman will appreciate the straightforward application and will find the right styling product for every hairstyle.
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